How to join APIC

APIC is open to all conference interpreters with a university education and professional experience that ensures the required standards. They must also pass a jury’s examination under a makeshift scenario or actually on the job.

The candidates must be sponsored by at least two active members and the final decision concerning the acceptance of the candidates takes place at APIC’s General Assembly.

Candidates will be assessed based on the following criteria:

Basic criteria

a) Language skills: perfect command of the language structure, fluency, good knowledge of cultural and idiomatic specificities;

b) Communication skills: clear enunciation, capacity to express oneself, elegance of speech;

c) Interpreting skills: understanding the meaning of the message and transposing it into the target language;

Additional criteria

a) Psychological capabilities: ability to concentrate, mental flexibility, good memory, endurance to stress, excellent mental health, self-control;

b) Physical-psychological capabilities: good hearing, good physical and psychological health;

c) Teamwork skills: understanding the requirements, team spirit, good social skills;

d) Moral qualities: strong sense of responsibility, being discreet, professional ethics.


Following initial assessment, a language combination is granted to the APIC interpreter according to the following classification:

Active Languages: are those into which the interpreter works, one of which is the …

…Mother Tongue: the interpreter’s main language; when the interpreter speaks it he/she is recognised by that language community as being a native speaker, not a foreigner.

Passive Languages: are those from which the interpeter works into his/her mother tongue (and, in some cases, into a second active language).