Guidelines for Speakers

The organisers of this conference are providing professional interpreting to enable delegates of different languages and cultures to understand each other. The interpreters are your allies in conveying your message to the audience. You can help them by following these simple guidelines.

1 - If you improvise, speak at a normal pace, but if you choose to read a text, slow down. Keep in mind that the average delivery pace is around 100 words per minute, or 3 minutes for a 30-line page.

2 - If you have prepared a written text or notes you intend to follow, please make sure the interpreters have a copy. APIC interpreters are bound by a strict code of professional ethics and secrecy therefore, the content of your documents will remain confidential at all times and these will be returned to you upon request.

3 - If your paper is technical, please give the interpreters any terminology you may have or any background papers on the same subject.

4 - If you wish to show slides or PowerPoint presentations, please make sure the interpreters receive a copy of all projections.

5 - If you intend to show films/videos, please remember that these may only be interpreted if the sound is directly connected to the booths, if the script has been previously handed to the interpreters and if the speed of the delivery is at a standard pace.

6 - Before you speak, please make sure your microphone is switched on. Take care not to knock on the microphone and please do not blow into it. To test whether the microphone is on, simply say a few words like “Good morning”.

7 - Please do not speak too close to the microphone or leave your receiver switched on next to it.

8 - If you need to move around during your speech, request that the technicians set you up with a lapel microphone.

9 - If you wish to listen to the interpreting, please make sure you have a receiver set.